Thursday, July 7, 2016


I was thinking about a movie for this assignment. For me, a Fantasy/Mystery movie can be impressive rather than the other kinds. Therefore, the movie Inception stand out, and the scene makes me feel so impressive because of how it make me think. In this movie, the characters use dream-sharing technology to create the story. However, the scene of the end of inception is that does Cobb(Leonardo DiCaprio) goes back to reality world and does the top stop rotating. The last frame bring me to go though whole movie and think about it because Cobb always creates the dream with his memories to miss his wife Mal(Marion Cotillard).

For this point, some audiences have their opinions that the director Christopher Nolan, (who rooted in exploring human morality and best known at construction of time and memory),gave an open ending. However, Christopher Nolan never leave an open ending in the past. Actually, he leaved some cues, and the most obvious one is that the characters (Cobb's two daughters) have been changed. In Cobb's dreams, these two girls were the babies; in the end of the frame, the girls show up when they grow up, which is an evidences to prove Cobb back to reality world. 

Also, as a screenwriter, Christopher Nolan gave a good ending. The top was still rotating, but it tended to slow down. He didn't make the top stop in the end. This is the point to bring audiences to go though every single frame that they just watched and thought about does this story end in real world or illusory. 

Director: Christopher Nolan
Screenwriter: Christopher Nolan

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Christopher Nolan

I don't have the one director that is my favorite. However, I only think a movie is impressive and meaningful when it shown out by itself. I tend to like the movies in logic and psychologically. A good logic movie for me is that can bring audiences turn into the situation and make audiences to follow the cues to think about it.  

I didn't watch too many American movies before I came here, but two of logic movies are impressive to me, which are Inception(2010) and Identity(2003). 

In Inception, the impressive point is how to control and explain the time and progress. I didn't understand that the last frame is making the reality or illusory.

2000 Memento
2002 Insomnia 2005 Batmen Begins
2006 The Prestige
2008 The Dark Knight
2010 Inception
2012 The Dark Knight Rises
2014 Interstaller